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Established: 2016Website: capital.comCountry: Belarus, UK, Cyprus, AustraliaRegulation: NBRB, FCA, CySEC, ASIC 4/5
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73.81% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider
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Starting its operations in 2016, is considered a relatively new company. However, it still managed to reserve its place among top financial brokers. In the following broker review, we will present our findings and recommendations on whether shall you trust it or not.

We dug deep into the service provided by this broker, including the markets and products available, along with the payment methods. We tested their responsiveness to traders’ queries, and we’ve got some good news for you. Make sure to follow this review if you want to know more about Forex broker. background & regulations financial broker is regulated by four regulatory authorities, which are top-notch regulatory bodies that are very strict about the rules of behavior. These licenses are from FCA, CySEC, ASIC, and the NBRB.

The Capital broker offers 5 financial markets for the clients – these are the Forex, stock, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. The allowed maximum leverage might have some limitations according to the above-mentioned licenses.

The spread offered is variable, and the tightest it could get is for trading Forex currencies. However, there are more than 6,200 financial instruments that can be traded, and the spread changes accordingly.

The broker attracts a lot of traders through offering different trading software, each trader has their own preferences. broker trading platforms are MT4, TradingView, and the Webtrader, which gives the broker the opportunity to reach every niche in the market.

Accounts & Trading Conditions

To get yourself started with this broker you will need to find the button on the top-right corner saying “Trade Now”. You will have to enter your email address and choose a new password.

Then, you will receive a verification email, once you do that, you can proceed to the next steps that include inserting your personal information such as full name, telephone number, and country of residence. After that you will need to answer a few questions about your experience with trading – this helps the broker know more about you, your experience, and expectations from trading.

You will also be asked to submit further evidence of your identity and address, there is nothing to worry about here. The broker is safe and well regulated, and this information is intended to keep the platform clear from blacklisted people or financial scams.

You might see a limitation in the types of accounts offered by the broker. Because this broker is mainly a CFD trading broker in very few cases they may allow direct access to the market, depending on the region where you enter the website.

CFD trading

A Capital financial broker is a CFD broker mainly, with more than 6000 CFDs offered across different financial markets. CFD trading is becoming more trendy, and more brokers are offering it because it provides faster trading and wider access to more financial instruments.

Since Forex broker is licensed by different financial regulators, there might be some limitations on the financial instruments and other features like leverage. However, this limitation is actually a good sign, because it means that the broker is strictly following these rules. We will explain what these limitations are further through this review.

Direct market access

Depending on the region where the trader resides, the website will look different in terms of markets available and accounts types.

Traders in Europe are not under the regulations of CySEC or FCA and the broker allows these traders to have direct access to the stocks exchange market. Direct access to the market enables investors to directly interact with the market with an intermediary.

When a trader directly interacts with the market, they can quickly execute market orders, whether they want to place a buy or a sell order, there is no dealing desk, which helps traders minimize the slippage time.

Cryptocurrency trading with FCA

The Financial Conduct Authority of the UK does not allow cryptocurrency trading, and since is a trusted broker by the FCA, traders from the UK will not see this option on their website.

However, for any other legislative license, trading cryptos is allowed but the maximum leverage is limited to 1:100 under the NBRB, and to 1:2 according to the CySEC and ASIC.

Funding the account

Once your identity is verified, your trading account is ready and you can start funding your account. The good news is that there are no commission fees on depositing and the broker even covers the bank fees if you choose to do a wire transfer. financial broker minimum amount for deposits by card is 20 USD/EUR/GBP, or 1500 RUB, or 100 PLN. Depending on the method you choose to fund your account, your money may show immediately or after 3 business days.

Clients can use credit/debit cards, e-wallets, online banking, wire transfers. A credit/debit card is the fastest way and you can see your money momentarily, and it is the most common way to send your money since it is more convenient to grab your card and pay.

Using wire transfer is considered safer because you are not giving your banking or personal information to the broker, but it takes more time up to 3 business days.


There are several ways to get your money to your bank account. A trader may choose from 7 methods that include banking cards, online banking transfers, e-wallets, and wire transfers. broker withdrawals are done without any commission, and similarly to the deposits, the broker covers any fees imposed by the bank for the wire transfer.

However, the withdrawals usually take more time than deposits, and if you want to cash out your money the broker will process your request within 24 hours window. However, according to the chosen withdrawal method you may need to wait for between 1 to 5 business days to receive your money.


Traders have the choice between three trading methods, which is considered a great way to attract as many traders as possible because each trader has their own preference.

Metatrader4 is the first option on this broker’s website, and financial broker trading platform MT4 plays a major role in its reliability because MetaTrader is the most commonly used trading software and only partners with legit brokers.

MetaTrader4 with is available using the PC when you download the software, or through a portable device like mobile phone and tablet, where you can install the MT4 app. In addition to that, MetaTrader4 Web is also available for brokers to directly log in and trade.

Besides the Metatrader, another popular trading software is available, which is TradingView. TradingView is relatively newer than MT4, but it offers an interactive interface that is preferred and used by many traders around the world.

Finally, probably the easiest way to trade is the Webtrader, where you only need to sign in to your trading account and find the WebTrader. Using the Webtrader you do not need to download and install any other software to your device, all is done online on the webpage.

Education & Training

One of the strongest points on the broker website is the education section. This part is rich with content that is useful for all users. There are video tutorials, written articles, and new pieces that everyone can read.

There are courses that are split into different levels, and they take you from the basic steps of a starter, towards more advanced levels to create your own trading strategy.

This section also contains guides for everything a trader needs to know. You can find a guide for trading in each financial market that is offered with this broker, and definitions for every trading term that are used by traders and brokers alike.

News & analysis

The market news section is very important for traders as it allows for every investor to be aware of market events, alerts, and trends. Every market alert is important, especially in the markets where a trader might have some open positions.

Besides the new pieces, there are analyses also – they help the trader understand what is going to happen in the market as a result of this news. The Capital financial broker provides analysis in a very understandable way for all viewers.

Customer Support

It is very important for traders to feel supported and backed by their brokers. There are different ways for traders to communicate with the support team, starting from the live chat feature, to email support.

Having helpful support from the broker makes broker a reliable broker, in addition to the quickly responsive support team in the live chat and other support channels.

The support team is multilingual, and there is a telephone number assigned to each of their six locations, which makes the overall process very comfortable. There also are other ways to communicate if you have any queries – one can use WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, and Viber which expands the communication channels between the broker and its clients.


After a thorough financial broker review, we do consider it a safe and reliable broker that any trader would want to get involved with. We would say that there is a clear consistency in the broker’s statements and all of the information on the website is definitely accurate.

Furthermore, the Capital broker is legit and regulated by top-tier regulators that impose strict guidelines, and in any case of misbehavior, the broker is heavily punished.

The offers are enough to attract many investors from different regions around the world. There are different markets, different tradable assets, different trading platforms, and a variety of payment methods – these things matter for traders and play a huge role in attracting them to this platform.


Is capital com a stockbroker?

Yes, offers stock trading with CFDs and real stocks for its clients. There are more than 5900 stocks CFDs that can be traded, and they include US corporations as well as EU, German, and Japanese corporations.

How legit is capital com? is a very legit broker, it is regulated by fours types of regulatory legislatures, such as FCA, CySEC, ASIC, and NBRB.

How does capital com make its money?

As with any brokerage service, the Capital broker makes its money from the spread payment. The spread is the difference between the “bid” and the “ask” price, which changes depending on the supply and demand of products.

How do I withdraw from capital com?

Sign in to your account, find “withdrawals” select the withdrawal methods that you want, and select the account where you want the money to be received. Note that processes withdrawal requests within 24 hours, but depending on the payment provider, you may receive your money in 1-5 business days.

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