3 common methods of trading on Markets Cube

Markets Cube is an online brokerage company that provides trading services in international markets. Along with various useful functions (learning, multifunctional trading platform, and others), Markets Cube offers these clients a large number of working tools and various trading methods.

In this article, we’ll look at the common trading methods that are available on the Markets Cube. These methods are the most popular and they are used by most of the company’s customers to make trading operations and increase their capital.

1. Forex trading

Forex trading is one of the most common methods of trading. Forex is an international financial market for currency exchange. It is not tied to the specific place of bidding since it is a virtual market, whose participants can make deals with currency pairs from anywhere in the world. A distinctive feature of this method of trade is a relatively small amount of funds that are necessary for trade. In the forex trade, Markets Cube provides a leverage of 1:200 and does not impose any commission.

2. Trading in cryptocurrencies

Trading in cryptocurrencies has gained great popularity over the past few years. Cryptocurrency is a kind of digital currency, the creation, and control of which is based on cryptographic methods. Information about crypto-currency transactions is usually not encrypted and is available in clear form. Currently in Markets Cube are available for trade such types of cryptocurrency as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lightcoin, and Ripple. For them, the company provides a leverage of 1:5 and charges commission from 0.4% to 1%, depending on the type of the cryptocurrency and the trading account.

3. CFD trading

CFD (Contract For Difference) is an agreement between the seller and the buyer on transferring the difference between the current value of the asset at the time of the conclusion of the contract and the opening of the position and its value at the end of the contract and closing the position. As the assets in this method of trade are various commodities, metals, oil, stocks, and others. Markets Cube provides an opportunity to trade CFDs for oil, metals and many other products of your choice. The commission is not charged, the leverage is 1:50.

As you see, each of these methods has these advantages. From you only need to choose more convenient method for you and improve with its help your trading skills. And Markets Cube will do everything necessary for your trade to be productive and pass in a pleasant working environment that the company provides to all these customers.